Rubber Ceramic Impact Lining

- Nov 06, 2020-

The rubber ceramic impact lining has the high wear resistance of alumina ceramics and the excellent impact resistance of rubber. Therefore, the wear resistant impact plate is suitable for various vibrating feeders and blanking hoppers with large materials. It is usually made of natural rubber board, alumina ceramics, mosaic, and 6mm steel liner together by heating and vulcanizing. The steel plate on the back can be fixed with bolts. Not limited to standard size and thickness!

Features of rubber ceramic impact lining

Highly customizable

Modular bolted profiles


Absorb shock

Abrasion resistance

Noise reduction

Lighter than steel

Quick installation and replacement

Our advantage:

1. Rubber ceramic impact lining factory, reliable partner

2. More than 10 years of rich experience ensure high quality and consistency.

3. Excellent adhesion between ceramic and rubber, special production process, tiles will not fall off until the ceramic is worn.

4. According to your requirements and drawings, customized ceramic rubber wear-resistant linings can be provided.

Looking forward your cooperation!

Helen Dong