Rubber ceramic linings

- Jun 10, 2019-

Rubber ceramic linings

Rubber ceramic linings is a new product developed by our company. Rubber ceramic linings is a special ceramic which is made of Al2O3 main raw material, supplemented with rare metal oxide and other solvents, and fired at a high temperature of 1700 °C. Rubber ceramic linings has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in coal handling, milling and powder conveying systems of thermal power plants and large material conveying systems. The lining of hoppers is anti-wear for all kinds of special-shaped equipment and pipelines. The ideal material for the lining.

First, wear-resistant ceramic series: wear-resistant ceramics; silo ceramic lining; silo ceramic lining; hopper ceramic lining; wear-resistant lining; silo lining; wear-resistant lining; three-in-one rubber ceramic lining; Rubber ceramic lining; rubber ceramic lining; coal lining ceramic lining coal lining, ceramic wear lining, ceramic wear-resistant hole lining, ceramic wear-resistant curved lining, ceramic wear-resistant trapezoidal lining installation the way.


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