rubber ceramic plate

- Apr 15, 2020-

Product Description:

The rubber ceramic composite linings have 2 forms, rubber plus ceramic (Two-in-One) & metal plus rubber plus ceramic (Three-in-One). The special ceramic pieces are embedded into the special rubber through vulcanization process to form a square wear-resistant rubber-ceramic composite, which is the Two-in-One product. Based on the Two-in-One, paste the metal in the back to form Three-in-One product. The rubber-ceramic composite lining is fixed on the inner shell steel plate of the equipment by pasting or bolting to form a strong and buffer wear-resistant layer.


Rubber ceramic composite linings are widely used in coal transportation and ash conveying systems of thermal power plants and conveying、batching silos、hoppers and others equipments in the metallurgical and steel industry, can effectively solve the conveying system problem of low service life due to the large material drop and strong impact. The Two-in-One products can be twisted and cut, be suitable for installation of various special-shaped equipment.