Rubber ceramic Wear Liner suppliers

- Apr 09, 2018-

Rubber ceramic Wear Liner will be formed in the corundum ceramic piece are embedded in the rubber lining, then Rubber ceramic Wear Liner with steel plate vulcanizing together to form a ceramic compound Rubber ceramic Wear Liner impact resistant lining board, and between steel plate and the rubber sheet metal welding nut or screw, thus more convenient installation and removal, which can be widely applied in chute, hopper, shock resistant protection. Our company is a high-tech enterprise which mainly produces ceramic rubber composite board, which is located in zibo city, one of China's four great porcelain cities with abundant raw materials, well-informed and convenient transportation. The company's main products are: wear-resistant ceramic plate, ceramic roller, Rubber ceramic Wear Liner, ceramic rubber composite plate, etc. 

The company has established a complete quality assurance system and complete experimental equipment to monitor the whole production process to ensure the stability of product quality.


Flora Hu