Superficial discussion on the surface modification procedure of Injection parts processing

- Jul 07, 2017-

As we all know, injection molding machining is a wide range of knowledge, technical and practical industries. Injection molding production process to use plastic raw materials, toner, water mouth materials, molds, injection molding machine, peripheral equipment, tooling fixture, spraying agent, a variety of excipients and packaging materials, such as injection molding workshop management has brought a lot of work and difficulty. Injection molding processing processes generally include plastic ingredients, molding, mechanical processing, bonding, modification and assembly, and small series today is important to introduce the surface modification process.

At present, the performance modification of injection molded parts usually includes: mechanical modification, that is, using the process of file, grinding and polishing to remove the burrs on the workpiece, Burr, and correction size, etc.; finishing, including coating the surface of the workpiece with a solvent to brighten the surface, with patterned film coated product surface, etc. Shiya, including painting, printing and stamping, gold-plated genus, including vacuum coating, electroplating and electroless silver plating. One hot stamping is in the heat, pressure, will be hot stamping film on the color of aluminum foil to the workpiece. Many household appliances and construction products, daily necessities, such as the use of this method to obtain metal luster or wood pattern and other patterns.