The difference of the wear resistant materials

- Oct 26, 2017-

Ceramic steel tube and traditional steel pipe, wear - resistant alloy cast steel pipe, cast stone tube and steel plastic, steel rubber pipe and so on have the qualitative difference. The outer layer of ceramic steel tube is steel pipe and the inner layer is corundum. The hardness of the corundum layer is high 100-1500 (rockwell hardness is 90-98), equivalent to tungsten cobalt hard gold. The abrasion resistance is more than 20 times higher than the carbon steel pipe, which is much superior to the corundum grinding wheel. Now the corundum grinding wheel is still the main grinding wheel of various grinding machines. The alumina layer in the ceramic steel tube can wear out the corundum wheel. The abrasion resistance of ceramic steel tube is mainly by the corundum layer with a few millimetre thick inner layer. Its mohs hardness is 9, second only to diamond and silicon carbide, and its hardness is highest in aerobic compounds.

Lined with ceramic wear-resistant steel pipe was made by self-propagating high temperature synthesis, centrifugation, ceramic tube of corundum melting point is 2045 ℃, corundum and steel layer due to process special structure, the stress field is also special. Under normal temperature, the ceramic layer is subjected to compressive stress, and the steel layer is subjected to tensile stress. Only temperature to 400 ℃ above, due to the different thermal expansion coefficient, thermal expansion stress field and cancel each other out of the existence of the original stress field in the ceramic tube, make ceramic layer and steel both in the free state of equilibrium. When the temperature to 900 ℃ lined with ceramic wear-resistant steel pipe is put into the ling water, soaking times repeatedly, composite layer does not crack or split, show the ordinary ceramic incomparable thermal shock resistance. This performance is useful in the engineering construction, due to its outer layer is the iron and steel, combined with the inner heating is not split, in the construction, the flange, purging, explosion-proof door mouth to welding, direct welding method can also be used to connect to this than wear-resisting cast stone pipes, wear-resistant cast steel tube, rare-earth wear-resistant steel tube, double metal composite tube, gangsu tube, steel, rubber tube is not easily during the construction of welding or not. The anti-mechanical impact performance of the lining ceramic resistant steel tube is better than that of the composite layer when it is transported, installed and knocked, and the bending deformation of the two stands is not broken.