The features of the wear resistant ceramic

- Aug 25, 2017-

Alumina ceramic features

1. Wear-resistant: alumina corundum ceramics, hardness of HRA85 or more, wear resistance than steel abrasion 271.5 times;

2. Impact: toughening ceramic formulations to ensure that the ceramic is not broken, unique spherical design and high-quality buffer layer, can withstand the impact of large pieces of material;

3. High temperature: can be long-term operation at 0 ℃ -250 ℃;

4. Naisuan Jian: rubber with a new formula of acid and alkali rubber, resistant to weak acid and weak base;

5. anti-off: ceramic rubber plate one vulcanization, combined with a very solid; each ceramic has penetrated bolts through the bottom of the steel plate, was firmly welded, double insurance;

6. Easy installation and replacement: the use of the entire liner to provide easy to replace and install, reduce after-sales service;

7. Reduced maintenance: Super wear resistance to greatly reduce the frequency of maintenance, cost savings and labor.