useful of the pipe lining tile

- Oct 09, 2017-

alumina ceramics is one of the main products of the company, seek development by science and technology, strives for the survival by the quality of the aegis 1998 takes the lead in the introduction of imported equipment and imported raw materials, adopting advanced technology to produce microcrystal wear-resisting ceramics, required by the market to fill the domestic blank.

Wear-resistant ceramic chip USES: thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port terminals, and other enterprises of the coal transporting system, pulverizing system, ash discharge and dust removal system all wear large mechanical equipment wear resistant material.

Wear-resistant ceramic chip feature is the consumer should understand, different model of wear-resistant ceramic chip its characteristic also slightly different, first come to understand its characteristic.

1. There is no environmental pollution.

For inorganic non-metallic materials, the main composition of silicate, and the earth's lithosphere composition similar, not cause soil degradation and heavy metal ions pollution, will not affect the ecological environment, is a kind of green environmental protection product.

2. Ceramic tablets have excellent toughness and shock resistance.

Wear-resistant ceramic plate adopts the non-directional steel fiber reinforcement measure, the fracture toughness is strong, can effectively prevent the damage caused by the impact and peeling.

3. Ceramic tablets have high mechanical strength.

Compatibility is good.

Adopt the acid and alkali resistance of synthetic raw materials, will not react and slag structure is complete, the influence of environment temperature, it will not cause big, inert materials belong to environment, and sensitivity to the environment. Features of wear-resistant ceramic lining board:

Has abrasion resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic, is the electric power, metallurgy, coal, oil, cement, chemical industry, machinery, etc material (such as ash, coal, mineral powder, tailings, cement, etc.) conveying equipment surface wear resistance of the ideal material, in the high temperature corrosion and high temperature wear or high temperature corrosion situations is very safe and reliable, its life than cast stone, wear-resistant alloy cast steel, gangsu, steel material such as rubber high ten to twenty times.

Application of wear-resistant ceramic lining board:

Is oil, mining, steel mills, power plants and other industries equipment or on the surface of the liquid flowing through a pipe conveying of wear-resisting material, main effect is effective against material passed by the effects of the shock tube wall, chemical corrosion and material after the thermal shock effect, reduce the wear and tear of equipment parts, thus greatly reduce the costs of frequent maintenance, prolong the service life of equipment, is used in industry of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistant material ideal material.