Wear Ceramic Rubber Composite Plate

- Dec 03, 2019-

Wear ceramic rubber composite plate belongs to a wear-resistant composite plate.

 It consists of wear-resistant ceramic block, rubber plate, and steel plate.

 The rubber plate is laid on the steel plate, the ceramic block is laid on the rubber plate, and the three are bonded together by heat vulcanization.

 It is especially suitable for the transportation of powder and granular air, dust collection, residue transportation, ore and abrasive materials, and can be widely used in thermal power plants, steel plants, glass plants, mining and cement manufacturing industries.


Features of Wear ceramic rubber composite plate :

1. Impact resistance, with good cushioning performance, can effectively cushion the impact caused by falling ore, etc. from high altitude.

2.The construction is convenient, and there is no gap after the lining board is installed. Rubber composite liner can be twisted and cut, suitable for installation of various special-shaped equipment

3. Non-sticking and non-blocking: Due to the high strength and corrosion resistance of ceramics, the phenomenon of equipment blocking and blocking is effectively solved. Traditional nylon boards are often stained, affecting work efficiency

4.The wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite plate has a lower density than steel plates, light weight and easy replacement.