wear ceramic steel lined tube

- Apr 02, 2019-


        In the air duct, the elbow wears the fastest, and the wear resistance of the ceramic-lined composite steel pipe elbow is more than 5 times higher than that of the thick-wall wear-resistant cast steel elbow. In practice, the ceramic-lined composite steel pipe is opened and observed and measured after 1-2 years, and the composite layer has no obvious wear or shedding.


       In the same specification and unit length of the pipe, the ceramic-lined composite steel pipe only has the weight of wear-resistant casting. About 1/2 of the steel pipe or bimetallic composite pipe, the engineering cost per meter is reduced by 30-40%, only about 2/5 of the weight of the cast stone pipe and the rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe, and the engineering cost per meter is reduced by more than 20%.


   Ceramic-lined composite steel pipe used in corrosive or high-temperature places, the price of which is only a few ceramic-lined composite steel pipes of stainless steel pipe and nickel-titanium pipe, except for application to ash removal, slagging, powder feeding and powder return of coal-fired power plants. Also widely used in the following industries:


  1. Coal-water slurry, coal washing mud, mine filling, coal slag. 

  2. Metal mine in the coal industry: pipeline transportation of concentrate and tailings.


  1 Iron and steel blast furnace blast furnace coal injection, slag and other pipelines.

  2.Steel-making transport iron alloy, furnace refining and other pipelines.

Cement plant:

  Rotary kiln wet

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