wear chromium carbide plate

- Jan 05, 2020-

Product Description:

The wear resistant chromium carbide plate starts with standard steel base plate that is then fused or overlaid with chromium carbide. chromium carbide metallurgically bonds to the steel’s surface to form a protective and durable surface that will not separate from the base metal. Chromium carbide overlay steel plate is extremely hard, resistant to both wear and impact, and withstands high temperatures.

Wear Resistant Alloy plate


1- Thickness tolerances : -0/+1 mm  

2- Physical properties : resistant to abrasion and erosion till 800°C.  

3- Flatness tolerances : max. 3 mm/1000 mm.  

4- Dimensions of the standard plates : customized

5- Application: high hardness and abrasion

6- Hardness: 55-62HRC