Wear-Resistant Al2O3 ceramic lining

- Sep 21, 2020-

Fine grain, high-grade alumina ceramic is the industrial workhorse material for combating sliding and fine particle abrasion.  Al2O3 ceramic has a proven track record in providing excellent value in many of the most troublesome wear applications and is typically very economical and appropriate in many environments.  Al2O3 ceramic is versatile in that it can be pre-engineered into complex tiling systems and can be applied from very thin linings of just 3mm thick up to 50mm thick. 

Addtionally alumina can be formed into large monolithic pieces and cyliners that can create extremely effective abrasion resistant linings for elbows, pipes, tees and wye fittings. These lining typical outlast other solutions, like chrome carbide or AR plate by 10 times the wear life and with less weight.



Wear panels

Mill liners

Classifier cones

Pulverized fuel piping

Chutes & Hopper

Ball mills

Coal pulverizer housings

Exhauster housings


Pneumatic conveying lines


Cyclone separators

Slurry lines

Coal valves


High wear resistant

Smooth surface

No corrosion