wear resistant alloy steel pipe

- Jan 22, 2019-

The wear resistant cco pipe is suitable for surface strengthening of direct friction impacting parts in transfer fabrics such as iron ore, coal, sediment, and sinter. Suitable for a variety of abrasive wear conditions. 

The wear resistant alloy surfacing tube has the following advantages:

1. High wear resistance

The wear test shows that the wear resistance of wear-resistant chromium carbide wear-resistant pipe is 8-18 times higher than that of low-carbon steel, and 5 times higher than that of stainless steel and high-manganese steel. It is 1 times higher than the as-cast high-chromium iron and roughly equal to the ceramic magnet.

2. High impact resistance

due to the use of soft steel base pipe, the pipe has good impact resistance, anti-vibration, fully embodies the composite material is both wear and impact resistance. 

3. Convenient processing performance

maintenance workers can be freely formed according to the size of the site, it is convenient to weld the pipe to the surface of the wear parts. Hard-wearing composite steel plate can be formed into cold-formed inward, such as wear-resistant dust-removing pipes, elbows, chutes, etc.

4. High performance price ratio

Although the cost of using the tube is improved, but the comprehensive consideration of the service life of the machine parts, maintenance costs, downtime losses, etc., its performance price ratio is about 3-5 times higher than ordinary materials. Due to the rational use of materials, the wear-resistant surfacing composite steel pipe is 50% lower than the manual surfacing of the same material.

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