wear resistant alloy steel plate

- Nov 07, 2017-

Wear surfacing technology applications

In some industries dominated by ferrous metallurgy, many parts are in poor working conditions and suffer from severe wear and tear in long-term operation at high temperatures. How to improve the high temperature performance of components, and anti-thermal fatigue performance is an urgent problem to be solved. Among them, the blast furnace top charging system bell chimes clock and bell-free cloth chute, sinter sinter single-tooth crusher gear and sintered grate plate are more typical vulnerable equipment components.

(1) blast furnace top loading system wear surfacing applications

Iron and steel enterprises blast furnace top charging system is divided into material bell and bell-less clock. Clock bell blast furnace clock there are two areas of high temperature wear-resistant processing zone, one seal belt, one is the protection zone. Previous domestic surfacing materials have been using D667 electrode, the electrode is high chromium cast iron type, crack resistance is poor, and the sealing tape requires a certain degree of air tightness, the welding process is very complicated, the need to preheat at 400 ℃ or more, According to this special situation, developed kb988 wear-resistant wire, wear resistance is slightly worse than the D667, But the crack resistance is better than D667, the welding process is simple. Good operability, good red hardness, high hardness and high temperature stability. In practical application, it has achieved good results, is recognized by users, simplifies the process and improves the production efficiency and quality.