wear resistant alloy steel plate application

- Oct 27, 2017-

(1) cement industry: mill blade, inner grinding liner, guide wind cone, feeding pipe, vibrating screen, silo, etc. 

(2) fan industry: fan impeller, fan blade, back plate liner, fan machine mouth, easy wear parts, etc. 

3) the iron and steel metallurgy, bin liners, slippery slope, mesh screen, drum wind bell jar, skip, boiler drum boiler wind reinforced steel, sinter feed tube, pipe, distribution board, slag trough, exhaust fan, etc. 

(4) power machinery: fan impeller, coal ash pipe, silo, feeding trough, coal conveying parts, hopper lining, burner nozzles, etc. 

(5) other solar glass industry, mining machinery, construction machinery, coal machinery, fan manufacturing, wear-resisting brick, sand bin liners in the coal industry of mining, scraper conveyor plate, screen plate, etc. 

6) directly provide the user with the surfacing plate, and the user can make the material by himself, and complete the site construction projects, such as warehouse, chute and shovel. 

(7) according to the size of the wear area of the user parts, provide the guide for the maintenance of the spot welding, and reduce the welding workload of the site, such as the shovel hopper of the working machinery and the dredging hopper of the dredger. 

(8) direct surfacing of large equipment at the site.