Wear resistant alumina ceramic liner plate

- Jan 21, 2020-


Alumina ceramic wear liner has high whiteness, great wear resistance (260 times that of Manganese steel and 170 times that of high Chromium Cast Steel in theroy) , Excellent corrossion resistance and great hardness (Mohs 9, is only second to that of diamond).Qishuai Alumina ceramic wear liner have so elegant and high rank quality but at very competitive price, which should be very attractive for all customers. Work with us will help you both save much money.


Size:10*10, 20*20, 17.5*17.5mm


Usage:wear resistant,abrasion-proof


Advantage:High purity

Forming way:Dry pressing

Bulk density:≥3.62g/cm3

Forming Temperature:1600℃


Wear resistant alumina ceramic liner plate


1) Big hardness;

2) Good wear resistance;

3) Corrosion resistance;

4) Anti-shock property;

5) Mass production capability;

6) Stable quality;

7) Strict quality control.


We will supply Strong, Safe, Durable, Compact and Environmental Packing for long-time transportation by sea, plane or truck and so on.


The products are widely used as lining and grinding media of ball mill on ceramics, cements, paints,refractory, inorganic mineral powders industries.

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