Wear resistant alumina ceramic lining tube

- Jun 03, 2019-

Wear resistant alumina ceramic lining tube

1. Metal ceramic composite pipe has a high hardness and good toughness, but it is easy to remove and gently move during handling and installation, avoiding serious collision, especially to avoid direct metal instruments.Contact or impact the end of the ceramic layer.

2. When installing the pipe, the center line of the pipeline should be adjusted to the positive and low level to ensure that the two ends are accurate, and the two end surface displacement should be controlled within the 1.0 mm.

3. Using the flexible pipe joint connection to install line flexible pipe joint of the two end insert length to adjust symmetrical, because for about a third of steel pipe thermal coefficient, thus telescopic gap can be reduced to 3 -- 5 mm.

4. When the flange connection is adopted, the flange face shall be flush with the end face of the composite pipe.

5. Due to pipe welding performance is good, so using welding pipe connection manner, when welding the groove with 70 ° to 90 °, blunt edge no space for 2-4 mm, appropriate USES small current welding.


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