Wear resistant alumina ceramic tube

- Jun 10, 2019-

     Wear resistant alumina ceramic tube

     There are many kinds of alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics. Also being used as a variety of products, for example: wear-resistant ceramic tube, ceramic wear-resisting tube, wear-resistant ceramic lining board, heavy mesocyclone, cyclone separator, wear-resistant ceramic drum bag glue, chute, pipe and so on.

     Everyone know natural aluminium oxide is fused alumina, hardness of 9 mo type, cubic zirconia mo type hardness is 8.5, but from the perspective of industrial wear-resistant ceramic wear, not the higher the hardness, the better, but also see ceramic toughness, hardness and toughness are higher, can saying is the best wear-resisting ceramics. It is not to say that zirconia ceramics are inferior to alumina ceramics. The lattice phase of zirconia ceramics in high temperature is very stable, and the crystal lattice of zirconia ceramics has been reduced to normal temperature. So at normal temperature, alumina and pure zirconia have higher hardness and more wear-resisting theory. But wear-resisting ceramics is a mixture of alumina, it is through the artificial ingredients and then dry pressing molding, sintering, 1680 ℃, and is not the pure corundum. Therefore depends on the alumina content of ceramic, some manufacturer with 85% alumina ceramics, 92% alumina ceramics, 95% alumina ceramics, ceramic, 99% alumina ceramics, and other fine city wear resistant ceramic in the ceramic industry research is very professional, deep essence of city production of wear-resistant ceramic rockwell hardness is HRA82-90, the fracture toughness KIC acuity 7.5 Mpa. The m1/2, hardness is second only to diamond.


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