Wear resistant bimetal alloy pipe

- Feb 19, 2020-


Wear resistant bimetal alloy pipe the outer wall is ordinary carbon structural steel, it has good strength, plasticity and good weldability; the inner wall of the pipe is chrome steel, which has abrasion resistance.

Wear resistant bimetal alloy pipe is made of coiled bimetal wear-resistant composite steel plate. The minimum diameter of the pipe can reach ∮120mm and the thickness of the pipe wall is 5-30mm. 

The bimetal composite wear-resistant steel pipe has bimetal performance, that is, working in the high wear resistance of the layer and high plastic toughness of the base layer.

Wear resistant bimetal alloy pipe is widely used in the following industries:

1.Mine: Pipeline for washing coal slime, mine filling material, pulverized coal powder, concentrate and tailings.

2. Metallurgy: iron-blasting blast furnace coal injection, slag transportation and other pipelines of iron and steel plants, steel-making transportation of ferroalloys,

Outer furnace refining and other preferred pipes.

3. Cement plant: Raw kiln slurry conveying, pulverized coal conveying, hoist cutting and concrete conveying pipeline in rotary kiln wet production line


Wear resistant bimetal alloy pipe has excellent abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance, as well as good performance, excellent resistance to mechanical thermal shock, good solderability and easy installation. 

Particularly suitable for abrasion and impact in high and low temperature environment.

Wear resistant bimetal alloy pipe

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