Wear Resistant Bimetal Carbide Plate

- Jul 20, 2018-

Industry application range:

Steel industry: hopper lining, distributor chute, fan blade wear lining, dust elbow pipe, hammer lining, four-roller roll, single-roll crushing spindle, slab surfacing repair, slag chute, Cloth disc, vibrating feeder lining, vibrating screen lining, mineral material hopper, bucket cutter blade, water slag conveying wear parts.

Power industry: fan blades, burner lines, feed troughs and hopper liners, crusher components, coal mill components, ash pipes, air handling systems and conveyors.

Cement industry: surfacing repair of vertical grinding rolls and grinding discs, impact discs, pipes, pump casings, mill linings, crusher parts, slag tapping tanks, various chassis, vibrating screen linings.

Paper industry: cyclone lining, screw conveyor, feed trough and funnel, fan blades, conversion ducts, transition elbows.

Mining industry: truck cargo tank lining, hopper lining, feed trough lining, crusher components, cover plates, wear-resistant rod wear plates.

Coal processing industry: feed trough, hopper, crusher parts and liners, coal pipelines, elbows, pump bodies.