wear resistant bimetal plate

- Oct 17, 2017-

Descriptions of the wear resistant bimetal plate

The alloy layer of wear-resisting composite steel plate contains high percentage of metal chromium, so it has the ability of anti-rust and corrosion resistance. Used in the metallurgical plant wear-resistant plate agricultural machinery surfacing plate.

By analyzing the plate under normal working conditions of the wear mechanism and corresponding properties of material, lining board reasonable organization and chemical composition, the development of carbon low alloy wear resistant steel, the service life of high manganese steel lining board of 2-3 times, cost, high manganese steel is an ideal substitute material.

Abrasive wear test results show that high boron iron-based alloy double metal composite plate wear-resisting, high chromium wear-resistant composite board mill to loss weight, relative wear rate are less than high chromium cast iron with high manganese steel, and the grinding surface microstructure and less groove, pit is small, the abrasive wear performance is better than high chromium cast iron with high manganese steel. Immersion corrosion results show that the acid corrosion medium, high chromium cast iron, high boron iron-based alloy double metal composite plate wear-resisting, chromium carbide wear-resistant composite panels and the corrosion rate of high manganese steel, in turn, increases, in neutral and alkaline corrosion medium, high boron iron-based alloy double metal wear resistant composite the corrosion rate of steel, chromium carbide wear-resistant composite board was the youngest of three kinds of alloy, so the neutral corrosion resistance and alkali resistance of alloy corrosion is better than high manganese steel and high chromium cast iron.

Our company can produce various specifications lining wear-resistant steel plate according to your specific requirements, and can measure in the field, and look forward to cooperating with you.

Qishuai metal composite board is made of special hard surfacing welding technology, which has the characteristics of high deposition rate, low dilution rate and low cost. According to user requirements, the plates are made of plasma cutting. Plate can be cold rolled or hot rolled plate, this just like ordinary steel plate, the plate fixation can be welded on the back plate, screws, or any other welding structure can be used to fixation. The crystal ding metal composite board can be used in any worn situation, it is reliable in large area, high mechanical load, and no other auxiliary structure is needed. For example, can be used in the following situations: bulkhead, hopper lining, vibrating feeder, fan cover, mixing machine, separator, etc.