Wear Resistant Carbide Plates

- Jun 27, 2019-

Product Description:

The high chromium wear-resistant surfacing plate adopts the general alloy system of the international wear-resistant composite steel plate, which has excellent anti-abrasive wear performance, and the wear-resistant layer and the substrate achieve good metallurgical bonding, and the joints are free of oxide inclusions, cracks, pores, etc. Defects, the wear layer thickness is 3~12mm, and the surface layer hardness is 58~62HRC. The wear resistance is much higher than that of heat-treated wear-resistant steel and cast wear-resistant cast iron. The substrate adopts a low-carbon steel plate with good plasticity, which can absorb energy during the impact process, so that the high-chromium wear-resistant composite steel plate has strong impact resistance and crack resistance, and can be applied to vibration and impact conditions. 

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Main Thickness of hardfacing overlay plate

5+3,6+4,8+6,10+10,12+12,etc (or as your requirement)

Plate size of hardfacing overlay plate

Length:3000mm     Width:600-1500mm    (size can be customized)

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