Wear Resistant CCO Composite Plate

- May 12, 2020-

Qi Shuai's wear resistant CCO Composite Plate is a wear-resistant plate, widely used in mining companies, steel, building materials, power plants and cement plants. Exported to Russia, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions

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Wear resistant CCO composite plate is used for low carbon steel or Q235 / American standard A3 steel plate as the plate base, and the surface is welded with high chromium welding wire Cr28. The composite produces high-quality alloy wear-resistant plate. It shows the superiority of bimetal and has good impact resistance. It can withstand the impact and wear of high hoppers in the material handling system. The alloy wear-resistant layer is recommended to be used under working conditions below 600 ℃. If vanadium is added to the alloy wear-resistant layer such as molybdenum alloy, it can withstand high temperature wear below 800 ℃.

The recommended temperature is as follows: the recommended ordinary carbon steel substrate is not higher than 380 ℃;

Low alloy heat-resistant steel plates (15 crmo, 12 cr1mov, etc.) are recommended to be used under the condition of not higher than 540 ℃;

The heat-resistant stainless steel substrate is recommended to be used under 800 ℃.

Wear resistant CCO composite plate

Product Name:Wear resistant CCO Composite Plate

Base Plate:Q235/Q345


Chemical Composition:Cr(%): 18-25 C(%):3.5-4.0

High chromium high carbide overlay

Open arc welding, submerged arc welding

Thickness:5+3,6+4,6+6,8+4,10+10 etc. Customer ' s requirement

Our company conducted tests in accordance with ASTM-G65A(ASTM is the standard of the American Materials and Testing Association)dry sand abrasion test surface wear and 75% deep wear test.

The performance shows the abrasion resistance of our products is more than 20 times that of low-carbon steel and more than 8 times that of heat-treated wear-resistant steel.

The wear layer of the wear resistant CCO composite plate produced by QISHUAI is combined with the base metallurgy. The wear layer will penetrate 1-2mm. Customers can provide drawings or photos to customize the product according to equipment or needs. Our company has advanced equipment and professional technical R & D personnel to provide you with the most suitable solution.

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