Wear resistant CCO pipe

- Aug 17, 2020-

Qishuai customizes various sizes of CCO wear resistant pipes. The minimum inner diameter of the customized pipes is 50mm, and the national standard seamless steel pipe (GB/T8163-1999) is unlimited. Qi Shuai uses a fully automatic butt welding machine to weld the production with open arc welding process.
The customized CCO wear resistant pipe has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
The usual thickness of the surfacing layer on the inner wall of the customized CCO wear-resistant pipe: 4-10mm.
For example: 6 + 4/8+4/8+6/8+8/10+10mm
The technician will design the thickness of the wear-resistant layer according to customer requirements or drawings.
The hardness range of the pipe: HRC55-65
Common specifications: 6 + 4/8+4/8+6/8+8/10+10mm
Pipe length: minimum 10 mm, longest 3000 mm each.

Qishuai accepts the size can be customized, and the customized CCO wear-resistant tube can be cut and spliced at will. It is convenient to install, using bolts, welding or brackets.

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Sherly Shang