Wear resistant CCO plate

- Sep 01, 2020-

Wear resistant CCO plate hardfacing base is an ordinary Q235 steel plate, which ensures that the wear-resistant steel plate has toughness and plasticity, and provides strength against external force. Wear resistant CCO plate hardfacingcan be connected with other structures by welding, plug welding, bolting, etc., and the connection is firm and not easy to fall off. , more connections than other materials.

Wear resistant CCO plate

The wear-resistant material plasma arc surfacing technology adopts the plasma arc surfacing method, which utilizes the high temperature of the plasma arc and the high current density. The high-hardness particles are evenly brazed into the weld overlay metal, while the hard particles do not melt or rarely melt. Form a composite weld overlay. This composite weld overlay is composed of two or more macroscopically Different kinds of different materials. One is carbide hard particles which are mainly wear-resistant in the surfacing layer, generally cast tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, boron carbide, sintered tungsten carbide, etc. In principle, various Carbides, borides and even higher hardness diamonds can be used as a composite of the surfacing layer. Domestic and foreign industrial composites are used for plasma arc surfacing. The hard particles that are welded more are cast tungsten carbide, which is composed of eutectic. Composition, hardness is 250~300. Another component of the surfacing layer is the base metal which acts as a "knot", also known as the carcass metal, which is the matrix in the surfacing layer. It is generally considered to be hard. The combination of the granular particles and the carcass metal is brazed, and the combination of the surfacing layer and the parent metal is metallurgical bonding.

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