Wear resistant CCO steel pipe

- Jul 21, 2020-

Material: Q235/Q345,Chromium,Carbon,Silicon,Manganese,etc

Pipe Length:3m/piece as required
Application: Fluid pipe, Oil pipe, Gas pipe, Boiler tubes,etc

The features of the wear resistant CCO steel pipe:

1. On the inner or outer wall of the ordinary steel pipe, directly cover the wear-resistant layer of Cr28 welding wire overlay welding with a wear-resistant pipe welding machine. Automatic welding will not cause the phenomenon of falling off of the wear-resistant layer, which is more stable than manual welding, which improves the use time of the wear-resistant tube and can withstand greater impact;

2. Wear resistant CCO steel pipe, can be cut at will, welded and spliced into shape

3. Improve the wear life, the pipeline is cost-effective

4. Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

5. The solder layer is resistant to erosion and corrosion by chemical reagents. Acid and alkali resistant

6. Improve the production capacity of the equipment

wear resistant CCO steel pipe

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