Wear-resistant ceramic liners

- May 25, 2018-

Advantages in Wear-resistant ceramic liners

Wear-resistant ceramic liners have excellent results in sintering plants. According to the actual production situation, some spare lining boards are pre-installed on the board and block plate of the rapper h, which not only facilitates the maintenance but also ensures the continuity of production: the rapper spare lining. First, press the plate of the rapper to remove the steel plate, weld the bolts of the rapper, and then attach the wear-resistant ceramic lining plate; paste the large hopper and the large flow rate of the hopper under the belt conveyor. Good backup blocker, and increase the area of the blocker and lengthen it. The advantage of this is that when the bottom is worn, the liner can be moved down and used; paste the spare liner. According to the size of wear-resistant cast iron ceramic liners,
Cut the ordinary steel plate, and then weld the wear-resistant ceramic liner after welding the fixing bolt.
   The company has three major categories of five hundred series of products, including microcrystalline wear-resistant ceramics, alumina lining bricks, alumina liners, alumina pipe fittings and mosaic ceramic products; at the same time, according to the market demand for ceramic materials, the company The self-developed ceramic rubber composite shock tripler liner and two-in-one liner have greatly expanded the use of ceramic products. At present, the company's alumina products are widely used in iron and steel, cement, chemical, thermal power, building and sanitary ceramics and docks and other industries, and have a stable market share in China, North America, the European Union, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries and regions.
Flora Hu