Wear-resistant ceramic linings are used in heavy wear industry

- Jul 02, 2019-

Wear-resistant ceramic linings are used in heavy wear industry applications

Wear-resistant ceramic linings are mainly used in the thermal power industry (falling coal pipe liner), steel industry (blast furnace hopper, cylinder mixer), cement building materials industry (raw material clinker), smelting industry (hopper), machinery industry ( Hopper), coal industry (transfer station slipper), mining industry (breaking fine break transfer chute hopper), chemical industry (slot), silicone industry (level 1st and 3rd level cyclone), coal chemical industry ( Heavy coal pipe), port terminal (unloader hopper), commercial industry (mixer liner), automobile manufacturing and other heavy-duty industrial equipment.


      1. Thermal power industry

Anti-wear of conveyor system: wear-resistant ceramic drum rubber, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

Block material conveying system anti-wear: bucket wheel stacker reclaimer cylinder and wheel, belt head hopper, raw coal hopper, coal feeder ram, coal drop pipe, coal mill outlet inclined pipe, wear-resistant ceramic lining;

Pneumatic conveying system anti-wear: coal mill cylinder, coal mill outlet to separator, powder return pipe, powder feeding pipe, dust removal pipe, flue wall, ash discharge pipe, slag discharge pipe, desulfurization pipe, wear-resistant ceramic lining board;

Ultra-high temperature equipment anti-wear: burner square nozzle, W flame burner cone, tail flue, air pre-baffle, air pre-heater support rod, coal mill static ring, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

       2. Steel industry

Feeding system: bucket turbine disc, hopper, silo, belt conveyor skirt, trolley three-way bucket, covered by hopper, ceramic drum;

Batching system: mixing silo, primary mixing cylinder, secondary mixing cylinder, mixing disc, mixing drum scraper, pelletizing disc;

Sintering system: beneficiation hopper under vibrating screen, raw material transport chute, cyclone dust collector and pipeline, fan impeller, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

       3. Cement industry:

Limestone crushing system and raw fuel pre-homogenization system: chute, hopper, wear-resistant ceramic liner, ceramic drum rubber;

Raw material grinding system: powder guide vane, powder separator, vertical mill to cyclone tube, cyclone, fuel mill (steel ball mill), powder separator shell, inner cone, pulverized coal pipe

Fuel mill (steel ball mill): powder separator housing, inner cone, pulverized coal pipe, powder return pipe

       4. Port industry

Berth fixed funnel, bucket turbine fixed funnel, belt conveyor transfer station fixed funnel, ship unloader hopper, ceramic drum rubber, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

5. Smelting industry

Feeding system: head slipper, silo (intermediate silo, tail silo), vibrating screen trough, coke bucket, measuring bucket, ceramic drum rubber, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

Batching system: batching bucket, primary (secondary) mixer, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

Roasting system: single warehouse pump roasting pipe, batching bucket, ash bucket, intermediate bin hopper, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

6. Chemical industry: Feeding system: hopper, silo Dust removal system: dust removal pipe, elbow, fan casing and impeller, cyclone, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

7. Coal industry: coal handling system: chute, hopper, silo

Coal washing system: pressure cyclone, pressureless three-product heavy medium cyclone, pressureless four-product heavy medium cyclone, concentrated cyclone unit

Feeding system: pipe, elbow, pipe, hopper, silo, distribution port, ceramic drum rubber, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

8. Mining industry:

Feeding system: ceramic hopper silo, ceramic drum rubber, wear-resistant ceramic lining;

     9. Silicone industry

Material conveying pipeline, ceramic cyclone dust collector, ceramic elbow, ceramic tee, ceramic straight pipe, wear-resistant ceramic liner;

According to the material composition of the wear-resistant lining, Jingcheng special porcelain divides the wear-resistant lining into the following eight categories:

1: High chromium liner, mainly used in ball mill liners.

2: Polymer liner, the main feature is not bonding materials.

3: High manganese steel liner, mainly used in working conditions with high impact force.

4: wear-resistant ceramic lining, applied to pipe lining, ball mill lining, wear-resistant ceramic tube, ceramic wear-resistant tube, wear-resistant ceramic lining, heavy medium cyclone, cyclone separator, wear-resistant ceramic drum , wear-resistant ceramic two-in-one lining, wear-resistant ceramic three-in-one lining chute, chute, hopper, pipe, etc.

5: Wear-resistant steel plate and wear-resistant steel plate surfacing composite plate.

6: Ceramic coated liner, good wear resistance and low price.

7: Rubber lining, mainly used for pipe lining or ball mill lining.

8: Rare-earth magnetic ceramic wear-resistant lining for scouring wear of ventilation duct particles.

      At present, there are mainly eight kinds of lining materials, and which lining material needs to be selected according to working conditions.

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