wear resistant ceramic pipe elbow

- Apr 11, 2019-

Features of wear-resistant ceramic pipe elbow:

First, good wear resistance: the ceramic layer of the inner layer of the wear-resistant ceramic bending pipe elbow is wear-resistant ceramic, its hardness (HRA) ≥ 84, its wear resistance is more than 10 times that of high chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe fittings.

Second, corrosion resistance: the use of different wear-resistant ceramic materials, has excellent corrosion resistance to different corrosive media, acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosive media and halogen salt corrosion characteristics.

Third, the high temperature resistance is good: the wear-resistant ceramic itself has the high temperature resistance above 1000 degrees Celsius. Through reasonable design and different composite methods, the wear-resistant ceramic pipe can be operated for a long time in the humidity range of -50 °C to 800 °C.

Fourth, wear-resistant ceramic pipe elbow construction cost is low: wear-resistant ceramic pipe is mainly used to transport liquid-solid two-phase flow material with particles and corrosive medium, used to replace expensive stainless steel pipe, high chromium cast steel pipe, hard Alloy wear-resistant tube, which can directly reduce engineering cost and extend the life cycle

5. The wear-resistant ceramic pipe elbow has a long service life and high cost performance, which can save the cost and time of repairing and replacing materials. Light weight, easy to transport and install.


Flora Hu