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- Apr 30, 2019-

Wear resistant ceramic rubber composite lining plate

Qishuai ceramic rubber composite board is made by vulcanizing the special ceramic piece into the special rubber to form a square wear-resistant rubber lining plate, and then fixed on the inner shell steel plate of the equipment by welding or pasting to form a strong and cushioning anti-friction layer.It is widely used in coal handling, ash discharging systems of thermal power plants and silos and hoppers in the conveying and batching systems of metallurgical steel industry to make wear-resistant linings.


1.Anti-impact, with good cushioning performance, can effectively buffer the impact of ore falling from high altitude.

2.The construction is convenient, there is no gap after the installation of the liner. Rubber composite lining can be twisted and cut, suitable for installing various special-shaped equipment

3. No material does not block material: due to the high strength and corrosion resistance of ceramics, it effectively solves the phenomenon of material contamination. Traditional nylon sheets are often contaminated, affecting work efficiency.

4. The wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite board density is lower than the steel plate, light weight, easy to replace.



The ceramic rubber composite lining plate combines the high wear resistance of the ceramic and the impact resistance of the rubber, and is suitable for the anti-wear of the material conveying system equipment. Such as falling coal hopper, falling coal pipe, ball mill import and export pipe.

By changing the formulation of the rubber, it is possible to obtain wear-resistant ceramic linings with special properties for wear protection in different environments and working conditions.

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