Wear Resistant Chromium Carbide Hardfacing Plates

- Aug 28, 2017-

Intruduction of the Wear Resistant Chromium Carbide Plates

1. High-chromium composite wear-resistant steel High wear resistance: Wear test shows that wear-resistant composite plate wear resistance than low-carbon steel 12-18 times higher than stainless steel, high manganese steel 5 times higher than the cast high chromium 1 times higher.

2. High chromium composite wear-resistant steel High impact resistance: As a result of the use of soft steel substrate, wear-resistant composite plate has a high impact resistance, fully reflects the composite material both wear and impact advantages. This is less than the as-cast wear-resistant materials.

3. High-chromium composite wear-resistant steel to facilitate the processing performance: wear-resistant surfacing composite steel plate can be cold-formed, round, can be cut by plasma cutting method, can be easily wear-resistant composite plate welding The

4. High-chromium composite wear-resistant steel High-performance cost: the use of wear-resistant surfacing composite panels, although the cost increase, but taking into account the mechanical life of parts, maintenance costs, downtime, the performance and price than ordinary materials about 2- 4 times. Due to the rational use of materials, wear-resistant surfacing composite board than the same material manual welding price 50% lower.