wear resistant composite ceramic pipe

- Aug 29, 2017-

Wear resistant composite ceramic pipe

Seamless steel pipe placed in the centrifuge tube mold, in the steel pipe by adding iron oxide powder and aluminum powder mixture, centrifuge tube mold rotation to a certain speed, after a sparkling aluminum heat agent, aluminum heat agent immediately burn, melt The reactants are subjected to centrifugal forces. Quickly by the size of the separation. The proportion of iron (7.85g / cm3) is twice the proportion of Al2O3 (3.65g / cm3), the heavier iron is centrifuged to the inner wall of the steel pipe, and the lighter Al2O3 is distributed in the inner layer of the iron layer. 

Al2O3 and Fe quickly reached the freezing point, stratified solidification. The final formation of the ceramic steel pipe from the inside out, respectively, for the ceramic layer, iron-based transition layer, and the external steel pipe layer.