wear resistant composite steel plate

- Nov 22, 2017-

High wear-resisting property: the alloy system of international wear-resisting composite steel plate is adopted, which has excellent wear resistance of abrasive grain. The metallurgical fusion method is adopted to realize the metallurgical combination of wear-resistant layer and base material. The wear-resistant layer thickness is 3.5~ 12mm, and the wear resistance is much higher than that of the heat treatment wear-resisting steel, casting resistant cast iron, and the wear resistance is much higher than the spray welding or thermal spraying method.

Impact: because of the wear resistant composite steel plate substrate using plastic good low carbon steel plate, can be in the process of impact absorbing energy, therefore, wear-resistant composite steel plate has a strong shock resistance and crack resistance, can be applied to vibration and impact under the working conditions of the strong;

Easy to process: wear-resistant composite steel plate can be made into standard size steel plate, light weight, easy to process and flexible. Because the soft substrate is used, it can be formed in cold bending, and can be cut with plasma arc, carbon arc and other heat sources. It can be welded and formed to make the site welding work easier and easier. Therefore, this material conforms to the present international manufacturing and adopts welding structure instead of casting structure to reduce the mainstream of self-gravity of structure;

Higher price performance ratio: the use of wear resistant composite steel manufacturing parts cost than ordinary materials has increased, but the service life of the part, considering the maintenance cost, spare parts cost and outage loss, its high performance price ratio than ordinary material 2-3 times, the costs per unit area is only for the use of the same components manual electrode of half