Wear Resistant Hardfacing Plate

- Jun 22, 2018-

Application of the Wear Resistant Hardfacing Plate

The use of wear-resistant steel plate is very extensive. Almost all industrial enterprises need wear-resistant plates. Wear-resistant plates can be used in places where cement, glass, electric power, steel, and chemical companies are seriously worn out. The cement industry is currently mainly used for rollers. Press silo, V separator, Cyclone, Vertical mill blade, Wind deflector, Selector rotor, Fan impeller, Conveyor piping, etc.; Material inventory, silo, mixer in the glass industry Arc linings, auger blades, etc.; coal hoppers for power and steel industries, coal drop tubes, stacker-reclaimer drop hoppers, etc.

1. Power industry—fan blades, burner lines, feed hoppers and hopper linings, crusher parts, pulverizer parts, ash pipes, air handling systems and transport aircraft;

2. Iron and steel industry—hopper lining, grids, feeders and bases, dump trucks, hoppers, pipelines, pump casings, crusher parts, slag taps, various chassis, vibrating screens;

3, cement industry - impact plate, pipe, pump casing, mill lining, crusher parts, slag tank, various chassis, vibrating screen;

4, paper industry - cyclone lining, screw conveyor, feeding trough and funnel, fan blades, conversion ducts, transition elbow;

5. Mining industry - truck hopper lining, hopper lining, feed hopper lining, crusher parts, cover plate, wear bar and wear plate;

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