Wear-resistant Hardfacing Steel Pipe

- Dec 31, 2020-


Hardfacing Wear-resistant Steel Pipe repair cost, reduce wear and tear, reduce equipment capacity and increase power consumption, reduce the number of workers, benefit from long-term investment, high cost performance; although the manufacturing cost of Hardfacing Wear-resistant Steel Pipe  is increased, the service life is increased several times. The maintenance cost and downtime loss are greatly reduced. After calculation, the price performance is about 2~4 times higher than that of ordinary materials. The greater the material handling capacity, the more serious the equipment wear and the more economical effects of using bimetallic wear-resistant pipes.

Hardfacing Wear-resistant Steel Pipe


1. Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

2. Good mechanical properties: due to its composite characteristics, the inner layer uses high-chromium cast steel material, its hardness can reach 40HRC-60HRC, the outer layer is made of ordinary cast steel material, with good resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock. performance;

3.Various pipelines can be integrated as a whole;

4. Easy to install and connect, can be arbitrarily cut and welded;

5. Application areas: widely used in power, mining, steel, petrochemical and other industries of the transportation system.

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