wear resistant plates applications

- Mar 15, 2018-

wear resistant plates applications

Application of wear-resisting liner Different types of wear-resistant lining plates are of natural use. In the cement industry, the use of more extensive, can effectively extend the industry in the service life of equipment, greatly saving the cost.

  And the alloy liner in the steel industry used more, at least can effectively resist the wear of mineral materials and other items, but also to avoid under the conditions of high temperature protective layer off. As for rubber liner and composite liner, the latter is more widely used and favored by people. Because the composite steel plate is a combination of a variety of features, effectively avoiding the brittleness of ceramics and alloys of the shortcomings of the weldability, can play a good buffer and very strong, so it is in the cement system in the low-temperature environment can also work well, like some pipes, hopper can use this type of wear-resistant liner. A variety of large factories will use wear-resistant liner to solve some of the equipment is easy to destroy, repair times and all kinds of environmental pollution problems, but only understand the different types of wear-resistant liner features and applications to better maintain equipment. Hope that the introduction of small series can guide you to make the right choice.

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Flora Hu