Wear resistant rubber ceramic lining

- Nov 15, 2017-

Wear resistant rubber ceramic lining in steel plants

The precondition and effect of the anti-wear ceramic lining board of the steel mill material hopper

Steel mill materials hopper and chute are easily worn under the long-term impact of large hard materials. According to years of practice, accurate points

The physical characteristics and wear mechanism of various materials are analyzed. We have developed different wear-resistant ceramic lining boards to solve the abrasion and blocking of material conveying equipment

The problem.

The zishuai ceramic rubber sheet (nmc-jt) is a special corundum ceramic and rubber which is toughened by the advanced heat vulcanization process

The glue and the steel plate vulcanize together, form a strong, high - cushioned - resisting lining board. This product has the high wear resistance of ceramic and rubber

The advantages of fatigue property can also prevent static electricity, prevent the blocking material, and reduce the noise in the running, which is widely used in steel mill hopper and chute anti-wear.

By changing the ceramic formula, the ceramic can be lubricated, prevent the blocking material, and can also change the formula of rubber to obtain special performance to meet the high

Application in temperature, ultra-low temperature or flammable environment.


Flora Hu