Wear-resistant steel plate

- Sep 03, 2020-

Chromium carbide bimetallic composite wear-resistant steel plate is a composite wear-resistant laminate formed by bonding up to 20-30% of chromium carbide alloy to a suitable steel substrate by means of arc.

The laminated layer of the laminate is uniform in material and regular in appearance. The carbide in the metallographic structure of the wear-resistant layer is fibrous and perpendicular to the surface, and the surface hardness can reach above HRC63, and the hard alloy with high chromium content is wear-resistant. Composite panels are suitable for use in extremely abrasive environments.

Other name

Chromium carbide alloy wear-resistant steel plate

Applicable environment

Extremely abrasive environment


High-hard materials and tough materials

Application range

Metallurgical industry, coal industry, etc.

Wear-resistant steel plate

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