The difference of the ZTA and high alumina ceramic

- Sep 07, 2017-

The difference of the ZTA and high alumina ceramic

ZTA ceramics are more wearable than 95% alumina ceramics.

1, wear resistant ceramic material with high temperature resistance, strength, creep resistance, abrasion resistance, good insulation, light weight and other excellent characteristics, is a kind of ideal structural ceramic materials, has been widely used in many industrial departments With the development of science and technology, expanding its application field, as a new type of structural ceramics material has been used in high power generator components, precision machining parts, components, such as new areas of science and technology in the field of electronic technology In these new areas of science and technology, the application of the alumina ceramic material performance put forward higher requirements Due to the brittleness of corundum ceramic materials, make its application scope is limited In order to overcome the brittle ceramic materials, and improve the safety and reliability, the toughening is one of the important subject of modern ceramic scientists, for ceramic materials have the toughening mechanism and put forward a variety of more mature and the application of broader toughening methods have toughening and ZrO2 fiber toughening. At present, there are successful cases in the Chinese market. ZTA is used for static pressing, such as ZTA, and ZTA special ceramics.

2, high alumina ceramic hardness is 9,but from the perspective of industrial wear-resistant ceramic wear, not the higher the hardness, the better, but also see ceramic toughness, hardness and toughness are higher, can saying is the best wear-resisting ceramics. It is not to say that zirconia ceramics are not as good as ZTA ceramics. Zirconia ceramics in high temperature lattice phase are very stable, and the zirconia ceramic lattice is damaged under normal temperature. So at normal temperature, alumina and pure zirconia have higher hardness and more wear-resisting theory. But wear-resisting ceramics is a mixture of alumina, it is through the artificial ingredients and then dry pressing molding, sintering, 1680 ℃, and is not the pure corundum. Therefore depends on the alumina content of ceramic, some manufacturer with 85% alumina ceramics, 92% alumina ceramics, 95% alumina ceramics, ceramic, 99% alumina ceramics, and other fine city wear resistant ceramic in the ceramic industry research is very professional, deep essence of city production of wear-resistant ceramic rockwell hardness is HRA82-90, the fracture toughness KIC acuity 7.5 Mpa. The m1/2, hardness is second only to diamond.

3, ZTA toughening alumina ceramics is to increase a certain on the basis of the alumina zirconia ceramics ingredients, abrasion resistance and toughness between alumina and zirconia ceramics, because the price of zirconia ceramic is higher, the user to invest is bigger, manufacturer of most used mainly European and American companies and BHP billiton group.

4, and the crystal lattice of the zirconia ceramics at high temperature stability, a lattice to room temperature phase is damaged, so 94.4% of zirconium oxide reaches a stable state at room temperature must be added 5.6% stabilizer (rare earth etc.), dry pressing molding, powder sintering, 1560 ℃, hardness and toughness will be more than 99% alumina ceramics, its wear resistance and impact resistance is more than 99% of the alumina ceramics. If the stabilizer is not added, the ceramic is liable to crack, so the zirconium oxide ball is used as the abrasive material because it is of great hardness and toughness.

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