Abrasion Ceramic Lining Plate

- Jun 20, 2018-

Description of the abrasion ceramic lining plate

Wear-resistant ceramic liner is oil, mining, steel mills, power plants and other industries equipment or on the surface of the liquid flowing through a pipe conveying of wear-resisting material, main effect is effective against material passed by the effects of the shock tube wall, chemical corrosion and material after the thermal shock effect, reduce the wear and tear of equipment parts, thus greatly reduce the costs of frequent maintenance, prolong the service life of equipment, industrial wear-resisting, impact resistance, corrosion resistant materials selection.

Product details of the abrasion ceramic lining plate


1. material: Alumina ceramic etc.

2. method of moulding: thermal casting/drying press/extrusion

3.colour: white/light yellow

4.sintering temperature: 1580c

5.surface finish:Ra0.4 &SIM RA 0.8&mum etc, upon your requirement.

6.package: packing with carton and ship    with wooden box.

7.we can produce them by your molds or te drawings you require.

Charactures of the abrasion ceramic lining plate

Wear-resistant ceramic liner features: with abrasion resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic, is the electric power, metallurgy, coal, oil, cement, chemical industry, machinery, etc material (such as ash, coal, mineral powder, tailings, cement, etc.) conveying equipment surface wear resistance of the ideal material, in the high temperature corrosion and high temperature wear or high temperature corrosion situations is very safe and reliable, its life than cast stone, wear-resistant alloy cast steel, gangsu, steel material such as rubber high ten to twenty times.