Rubber Ceramic Liner Plate

- Jan 23, 2018-

The utility model discloses an rubber ceramic liner. The utility model comprises a Q235 steel plate, a special rubber and a special ceramic. The working surface of the substrate is fixed with a low-stress and wear-resistant alloy layer in 1/5, 1/6 or 1/8, or 1/10 of the longitudinal direction, The rest of the composite anti-load impact wear layer; the low-stress wear-resistant alloy layer is welded on the steel plate corresponding welding made of the anti-load impact wear layer is on the surface of special rubber, along the Longitudinal arrangement and inlaid a number of ceramic tiles, and adjacent columns of ceramic tiles staggered arrangement.

The utility model effectively solves the problem that the rubber is eroded and worn by the material, causes the whole ceramic to fall off, and solves the problem that the ceramic shedding troubles the user for a long time because the straight wear of the abrasive along the ceramic connecting part causes the ceramic to fall off. And proved that the test greatly improved the service life of the equipment, the production process is simple, easy maintenance site replacement, with good economic and social benefits.