Alumina Ceramic Cyclone

- Jan 25, 2018-

The main features of the product are:

The rotary flow device has a certain radian of arc alumina wear-resisting ceramic liner, which can be customized according to the specific size of the cyclone.

Hydrocyclone is used arc alumina wear-resistant ceramic plate with wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic, is the electric power, metallurgy, coal, oil, cement, chemical industry, machinery, etc material (ash, coal, mineral powder, tailings, etc.) conveying equipment surface wear resistance of the ideal materials. In the high temperature corrosion and high temperature wear or high temperature corrosion situations of arc aluminum oxide wear-resistant ceramic lining is very safe and reliable, the same industrial and mining conditions, its service life is cast stone, wear-resistant alloy cast steel, gangsu, steel rubber materials such as ten to twenty times.

The rotary flow device USES the arc alumina wear-resisting ceramic lining board is the tunnel kiln to be fired, the kiln temperature is stable, the ceramic lining plate produced by the fire is even, the texture of jade, the surface is not black spots. After years of accumulation, zibo bomai ceramic materials co., LTD. Has hundreds of moulds for customers to choose from, the product tolerance is small, the size precision, can provide technical guidance and professional installation.

Arc alumina have certain radian, wear-resistant ceramic lining board is mainly used for cyclone, can also according to the concrete pipe diameter custom make all kinds of arc plate, the perfect joint pipe wall.

With scale gold deposits and ore dressing equipment are moved toward large-scale, included in the original pulp particle size, dense medium suspending liquid inlet pressure and velocity increasing, the serious influence the service life of the cyclone. In order to solve the wear-resisting problem of the swirler and improve the life of the cyclone, the wear-resisting performance of the swirler is improved.

First of all, from the raw material of the cyclone lining, in the industrial field, it is usually used for wear-resisting material: alumina ceramic, corundum ceramics, cubic boron nitride, etc. Alumina ceramic is a kind of wear-resisting material with a wide range and low price. The hardness of corundum ceramics is slightly higher but less ductile. Zirconium corundum ceramics have been improved in terms of hardness and toughness, but overall they are not much higher. The cubic boron nitride is close to diamond in structure and performance, and the manufacturing process and cost are close to diamond, but it is very different from alumina production process and high cost. By comparing all kinds of wear-resistant material performance, the conclusion was developed by using aluminum oxide as the main component microlite corundum ceramics is suitable for used as the lining of cyclone, the performance-to-price ratio is high, can satisfy the requirement of working condition of wear large hydrocyclone.


Flora Hu