Alumina Ceramic Development

- Sep 02, 2019-

Development Trend of  Alumina Ceramic Tiles

 As the most widely used material in advanced ceramics, alumina ceramics has the following development trends along with the development of the whole industry: 

1.The level of technical equipment will increase rapidly

The development of computer technology and digital control technology has promoted the advanced ceramic materials industry. Technological advancement and rapid development, such as automatic control of continuous sintering kiln, high-power large-capacity grinding equipment, high-pressure powder granulation equipment and other advanced pressure forming equipment, and other advanced equipment to promote the overall level of the industry, while In terms of production efficiency and product quality, it has also been significantly improved;

2.The product quality level has been continuously improved

Domestic microcrystalline alumina ceramic products have grown from scratch, the scale of the industry has grown from small to large, and the quality of products has gone from low to high. A rapid development process;  

3.The scale of the industry will expand rapidly

Microcrystalline alumina ceramic products, as the basic materials of other industries or fields, are affected and restricted by the development level of other industries. From the application of alumina ceramics, the application range is wider and wider, and the dosage is getting larger and larger, especially in the production of anti-wear engineering and building ceramics.

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