Alumina Ceramic Price

- Sep 18, 2017-

Alumina ceramic prices will be rising in the future

The recent price of alumina, which can be summed up in one word, has been on a steady upward trend since the beginning of August. So far, our country alumina prices are already broke through 3100 yuan/ton of boundaries, median average is controlled in 3140 yuan/ton, the highest price areas of alumina has already broke through 3180 yuan/ton. Such a price for the price of alumina in China has always been the basic line, is already far beyond, and through the analysis of aluminum melt net for alumina prices, late alumina situation also is expected to continue upward, until the end of the year or is expected to exceed 3600 yuan/ton. Investigate its reason, mainly lies in the unprecedented environmental remediation efforts this year, and aluminum of the limit production and cost of the industry as a whole, and so on reasons, along with the heating season brought about by the overall industrial enterprise wide range limit production forecast, let traders began to stock up in the near future and downstream businesses, already achieve a relative balance between supply and demand into a state is now close to the demand of alumina market, making it a variety of reasons of alumina prices go up and up, and the present situation of the rising trend will continue.

Analysis in recent period of alumina market supply and demand can be found that the market has entered into a state close to the "supply", the traders have said we are looking for, but much of the alumina enterprises supplies even break goods phenomenon, which makes for enterprises from the "shop around" to "took" no matter the price, is available now. Actually look look, not only the alumina, due to the late heating season and environment supervision policy limit, most industries are facing to large-scale distributed situation, the steel industry, for example, in the shandong region, for example, as one of "2 + 26" key areas need to eliminate close coal-fired units in shandong district 32 1.57 million kilowatts. The current production is in full swing, the traders and the downstream enterprises of the iron and steel industry also began to stock up actively, enterprises around the supply is also growing, make the price of steel has entered the easy up to down.