Alumina Ceramic Price Development

- Sep 18, 2017-

Similar to iron and steel industry, the current aluminum industry supply and demand relationship has entered a seller's market, rising upstream prices did not cause trouble to the downstream demand, it is the demand actively seek around the supply of goods, and the supplier is facing out of stock. Under such an environment, the market of alumina has naturally emerged as our ideal state, and prices are gradually rising steadily. For alumina production enterprises, their production is expected to a certain extent, in the late push the alumina prices continue to rise, and this kind of situation for production side is naturally want to see, the next step is to limit production, downstream enterprise will naturally to stock up, and keep pushing up prices of production can be higher profits, what do you think are, to the benefit of the development. In the downstream enterprises and traders, it seems, the situation can only their "speed" competition, first is equivalent to have more profit, in the current supplies have repeatedly cut capacity, the enterprises begin to emerge "stockpiling supplies" psychology, for purchasing parties, especially the traders, it seems, can only with peers who have more supply of goods and supply channels.

Overall, alumina's current market development is relatively ideal, and the trend of prices will continue to rise. Now, the news of all parties has played a driving role in the direction of the price of alumina, and the expectation of the later production limit plays a role in the price of aluminum oxide as a good news. From various aspects, this year, especially in the second half of this year, the whole aluminum industry, including alumina, is relatively ideal. After entering September, the role of "golden nine silver ten" also began to emerge gradually, entering the peak season of traditional demand, and the aluminum industry has been developing a good time in this period. Aluminum melt network according to the existing data analysis found that the alumina market supply and demand basically enter a state of "supply", although may appear relatively late in the reverse direction, but the overall environment is still good, if in accordance with the present development status, and other market development factors to estimate, is expected by the end of next year, alumina in China and there is a stable supply and demand will be really. Therefore, aluminium smelting network believes that at present the alumina manufacturer appears to have broken the goods, and the heat of the price increases still unabated, and according to relevant data, the price of aluminium alumina is expected to continue to rise steadily.