Alumina Ceramics

- Sep 20, 2017-

Alumina ceramic 

Belonging to the Russian President's economic modernization and innovation development committee said in a news release, from the national nuclear energy research academy of engineering physics at the university of Moscow, Moscow state university of survey and mapping, the structure of the Russian academy of sciences, the kinetic and material science research institute, Russian academy of sciences, Krakow, in accordance with the institute of metallurgy and material science team of scientists developed a new method for the preparation of transparent alumina ceramics nitrogen, related papers have been published in journal of materials science and engineering, institute of physics.

Russian scientists of the methods used in the preparation of transparent alumina ceramics nitrogen mainly based on plasma sintering process of flame, novel researchers is not through an additional heater to heat the nitrogen alumina powder, but through the stamping die body and stamping head release pulse electric current to heat the raw material. The advantage of this method is that it can rapidly heat the aluminum oxide powder, thus shortening the preparation period.

As a transparent material with extremely high hardness, alumina ceramics has more hardness than quartz glass, including fused quartz, spinel and transparent sapphire. In addition to its strong hardness, it also has good elasticity. These characteristics make the material have a wide application prospect in defense, aerospace and other fields.


Flora Hu