Alumina Ceramics For Power

- Nov 02, 2017-

Alumina ceramics for power

(1)The wear of coal power plant powder system is mainly caused by coal dust collision, friction and shock. The high speed coal air flow is especially serious for the equipment of pulverized system, especially for the outlet pipe of the mill, the bend of the pipe, and the entrance pipe of the coarse powder separator. The method of the control of the pulverized system is: the wear-resistant GJ - 199 series, which has good wear resistance and is superior to steel plate, strength and adhesion. However, its disadvantages are difficult construction and high cost. Application of cast stone wear, its wear-resisting performance than ordinary steel is strong, but its biggest drawback is very brittle and the weight, limited not only by the security system equipment system load, and the installation process is easy broken. Due to the thickness of slab and large volume, the flow section of the equipment decreases, the flow rate increases, and the wear degree is increased. Its service life is also difficult compared with the wear-resistant ceramic liner. Application wear-resistant ceramic lining board, its effect is more ideal, got the user's praise.The powder system used not only wear-resisting, not shedding, and has no impact on the system. Its best advantage is that the construction is simple and the cost is low, which shows its good development prospect.    

(2) application in the slag system of the alumina ceramics for power

Using hydraulic ash slag discharge system of power plant, ash pump, ash ditch nozzle and so on inward and outward section, is most easily worn parts, according to the field work condition, paste adhesive type ceramic is more appropriate. According to the usage of Qingdao power plant, these parts are ideal. Maintenance personnel no longer frequent leakage, replacement of equipment, and on-site health has greatly improved.


Flora Hu