Alumina Ceramics In Power Plant

- Nov 20, 2017-

alumina ceramics in power plant in China.

1. Application of thermal power industry

1. Coal conveying system: bucket, leather lead hopper, coal hopper, bucket and coal feeder.

2. Pulverizing system and steel ball mill: the outlet pipe of the mill outlet pipe is 2 meters and the outlet pipe of the mill is 2 meters

The above, wood block (wood chip) separator, coarse dust separator into the coarse powder separator powder pipe and elbow, mouth tube and cone fine powder separation

The powder tube and cone, the pulverizer, the pipe bend, the cone of the coal and the tail of the flue.

3. Medium speed mill: coal barrel body, separation baffle, inner cone, outlet pipe, one pipe and bend.

4. Fan mill: pipe and bend.

5. Dust removal system: dust removal pipe and bend

6. Ash system: selected grey pipe, slag separation, dry grey air separator.