Basic Principles For Selection Of Hardfacing Composite Steel Plate

- Jul 07, 2017-

1. Considering the working conditions and performance of hardfacing composite steel PLATE:

(1) Wear-resisting composite steel plate under dynamic load and impact load, in addition to the demand to ensure tensile strength, yield strength, impact toughness, plasticity have a higher demand.

(2) Wear-resisting composite steel plate in corrosive medium work, must distinguish the medium type, the concentration, the working temperature as well as the corrosion type (general corrosion, intergranular corrosion, stress corrosion, etc.).

(3) Wear-resistant composite steel plate in the wear conditions when working, it is necessary to distinguish between general wear or impact wear, metal wear or abrasive wear, is at room temperature wear or wear at high temperature.

2. Considering the complex degree and structural characteristics of hardfacing composite steel plate, the welding joint type and so on:

(1) complex shape or large thickness of surfacing wear-resisting composite steel plate, because of its weld metal in the cooling and contraction of the internal force produced by large, easy to produce cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a good crack resistance welding material

(2) due to the conditions of some welding parts difficult to clean up, it should consider the use of rust, oxide and oil pollution reaction is not sensitive to solder.

3, consider the welding working conditions, operating environment:

(1) There is no DC welder, the use of AC and DC dual-use welding materials.

(2) According to the construction site conditions, such as Field operation, welding work environment to reasonably select welding materials.

4. Considering the economical property of welding of hardfacing composite PLATE:

(1) To ensure the performance of the premise, as far as possible to select high cost-effective solder material.

(2) The performance has different requirements of the primary and secondary weld, can use different welding materials, not one-sided pursuit of the overall performance of welding materials.