CCO Wear Resistant Steel Plate

- Aug 20, 2019-

Method: Wear-resistant layer adopts bright arc welding

Performance: Special self-protecting arc welding wire is evenly fused to steel substrates of different thicknesses

Ingredients: Made of hypereutectic alloy composite wear-resistant laminate. Wear layer material similar to high chromium cast iron

Hardness: Surface hardness HRC: 58-62

Thickness: Different thicknesses can be produced according to different applications. Common specifications: 6+4, 6+6, 8+4, 8+6


1. It has the dual properties of high hardness material and tough material, can withstand moderate impact and vibration, and prevent falling off.

2. Compared with other alloy steel plates, cast wear plates, ceramics, cast stone, rubber, polyurethane, etc.

3. Easy to install, can be cut, welded, punched, bent.

4. Used in different occasions, the wear resistance is 10-15 times that of ordinary wear-resistant materials.

5. High temperature resistance, can be used for 550 degrees, does not affect wear resistance.

6. Good wearability, high toughness, and can be processed at will.


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